Eurasian States in Transition research center (EAST Center) is a Warsaw-based independent, interdisciplinary think-tank focused on Post-Soviet and East European studies.

It started its work in September 2016 and concentrates on migration, media and communication studies including media disinformation in the Central and Eastern Europe, the study of domestic and foreign policies in the Eastern European countries as well as Eurasian integration research.

Our team members are experienced scholars and analytical journalists based in Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and the Baltics. We combine a cutting-edge analysis with appealing infographics and elaborate visuals.

Andrei Yeliseyeu
Research Fellow
Mobile +375 336007879

Migration and demography, Eurasian integration, International law, Foreign policy, Electoral geography, Potash market

Alexander Aleshka
Research Fellow
Mobile +48 512708543

Poland’s Eastern policy, Russia’s foreign policy, Economic relations between the EU and post-Soviet countries

Veranika Laputska
Research Fellow
Mobile +48 512614649

Media analysis, Propaganda tools, Jewish studies, Democratization in Eastern and Central Europe, National minorities

Viktor Denisenko, Dr.
Associated Fellow
Mobile +370 68877778

Lithuania’s foreign and domestic policies, Media analysis, Propaganda and Information security, Political communication

Diāna Potjomkina
Associated Fellow
Mobile +371 28883143

EU’s & Latvia’s foreign policy; Latvia’s relations with Russia & other CIS countries; Civic participation in decision-making

Laksiej Lavončyk
Associated Fellow
Mobile +48 514728105

Open data, Internet transformations in Eastern Europe, Online tools and their usage by the state and activists

Volha Damarad
Associated Fellow

Political communications, media politics, political culture, Russian domestic and foreign policies, information security.

Aliaksandr Papko
Research Fellow
Mobile +48 663042811

ENP and Eastern Partnership, EU-Belarus relations, political, social and economic transition in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, informal institutions.