The Poland–Belarus Relationship: Geopolitics Gave New Impetus,  but no Breakthrough


In 2014 Poland–Belarus relations received a new impetus after three years of having a cold relationship. Since then there has been an unprecedented rise in political contacts between the two countries. This EAST researcher Andrei Yeliseyeu’s report reviews recent developments in bilateral relations between Poland and Belarus.
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Belarus’ measured repressions

Continuing tensions with Russia, Lukashenka does it best in measuring an optimal level of repressions, high enough to discourage Belarusians from continuing protests and low enough for the EU to continue a gradual rapprochement with Minsk. Continue Reading →

Social protests in Belarus: Standing up for “Parasites”

The anger in Belarus over a tax on the unemployed and other supposed freeloaders can be justified through the absurdity of the law itself.

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Anti-Belarus disinformation campaign in Russian media: Trends, features, countermeasures

This is the first issue of the EAST Media Review authored by EAST Research Fellows Andrei Yeliseyeu and Veranika Laputska. It sums up an enduring monitoring and analysis of the Russian media Belarus-related content by the EAST Center in August – November 2016.

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Belarus: Europeanisation through the “Back-Door”?

Belarus lags behind the other Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries, both in its links with the EU and in its approximation to EU standards. However, despite a lack of formal contractual relations with the EU and illiberal domestic policies, Belarus still exposes some potential for Europeanization, explains Andrei Yeliseyeu.

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EU Visa Code reform: Necessary but not easy

Around half of all Schengen visas issued globally are issued in just three Eastern European states, i.e. Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. In 2015 around 15 million of legitimate travelers had to undergo lengthy, costly and cumbersome Schengen visa procedures. In their paper Andrei Yeliseyeu and Krzysztof Mrozek review the European Commission proposal to change the Schengen Area visa rules and explain the outcome of discussions on this document in the European Parliament and the Council.

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Belarus – EU: Long bumpy road towards visa facilitation

After a decade-long story of failed attempts to start and proceed with the visa facilitation negotiations between the EU and Belarus, the long-awaited agreement was never closer to becoming a reality than on the eve of the Eastern Partnership Summit in Riga. However, it was put on hold again. Diplomatic passports security and disagreements over readmission are two remaining obstacles on the way towards EU-Belarus visa facilitation, explains Andrei Yeliseyeu.

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Belarusian middle class falls victim to the aggravating economic crisis

What is the middle class in Belarus and what impact the aggravating economic crisis has on it? While national surveys show that about 75% of Belarusians consider their income as decent / average, the actual size of the Belarusian middle class may be as low as 10% of population, explains Aliaksandr Aleshka.

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