Belarus’ Vulnerabilities and Resilience to Foreign-Backed Disinformation Warfare

A systematic study of Belarusian media landscape, vulnerable groups of population, legal regulations, institutional framework and other aspects of information security in Belarus.


In their study EAST research fellows Veranika Laputska and Aliaksandr Papko analyze a wide array of issues related to Belarusian media sphere and national security including:

– Specifics of the Belarusian media landscape which facilitate the spread of disinformation;
– Social groups susceptible to the Kremlin-backed propaganda and disinformation;
– Insitutional setup and legal regulations on information security;
– Overview of existing digital debunking teams and media literacy projects in Belarus.

The study offers policy recommendations for the government, journalist community and international organizations with a view to increasing the resilience of Belarus to foreign-backed disinformation campaigns.

This research is part of the international research project Assessing Vulnerability and Resilience to Russian Disinformation Warfare: Practical Overview and Qualitative Evaluation of Critical Infrastructure, which is realized by the EAST Center in partnership with the Ukrainian Prism (Kyiv, Ukraine) and other regional research centers.

To download research paper Information Security in Belarus: Challenges and Ways to Improve: (in Belarusian), (in Russian).